EU-LA Mining & Exploration Convention and Trade Show


To download a presentation's PDF, click on the speaker's name or the title of the presentation. Those speakers without hyperlinks did not include visuals with their presentations.



European Commission: Mr. Antti Peltomaki, Deputy Director General of the Directorate-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs

Spain: Mr Diego Vazquez, Deputy Director General for International Energy Relations at the Secretary of State for Energy of the Spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda

Argentina: Dr. Juan Miguel Biset, Undersecretary of Mining Sustainability

Brazil: Dr. Maria José Gazzi Salum, Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy

Chile: Mr. Sergio Hernández Núñez, Vice-president Cochilco

Colombia: Mr. Pedro Enrique Perico Carvaja, Director of Mining Enterprises, Ministry of Mining and Energy

Mexico: Dr. Israel Gutiérrez Guerrero, CEO of The Mining Development Bank (FIFOMI)

Peru: Mr. Mauricio Cuadra, Director of Mining Promotion of the MINEM

Uruguay: Mr. Nestor Campal, Department of Mines and Geology, Ministry of Industry

Europe: EuroGeoSurveys, Ms. Teresa Ponce de Leão, President of EuroGeoSurveys

Europe: Mr. Moritz Lörcher, Projekt-Consult

Europe: Ms. Silvi Serreqi & Mr. Patrick de Smedt, EASME, DG GROW


Argentina: Dr. Juan Biset, Undersecretary of Mining Sustainability
Title: Why mining in Argentina

Brazil: Dr. José Leonardo Silva Andriotti, Geological Survey of Brazil (CPRM)
Title: The Geological Survey of Brazil – Investment opportunities

Mexico: Dr. Israel Gutiérrez Guerrero, Mining Development Bank (FIFOMI)
Title: Investing in the Mexican Mining Sector

Austria: Mr. Thomas Frömmer, RHI Magnesita 
Title: RHI Magnesita – a world market leader emerges

Chile: Mr. Cristian Cifuentes Gonzalez, Chilean Copper Commission
Title: Mining Open – a platform

Colombia: Dr. Gloria Prieto Rincón, Colombian Geological Survey SGC
Title: Mineral resources in Colombia: Key factor for land planning

McKinsey: Mr. Chris Mulligan, Partner 
Title: Mining productivity and the evolving market of battery materials

Peru: Ms. Maria Chappuis, Advisor to the Viceministerial Office of Mines
Title: Peru: A mining country

Uruguay: Ms. Marcela Alejandra Pascale Abreu, Ms. Judith Beatriz Loureiro Olivet, MIEM-DINAMIGE 
Title: Uruguay: Geology and Mineral Resources



Argentina: Mr. Roberto Sarudiansky, Mining Geological Service – SEGEMAR
Title: The link between the American countries: the experience of CAMMA

Czech Republic: Mr. Martin Vlastnik, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic
Title: Raw Materials Policy of the Czech Republic

Brazil: Dr. Maria José Gazzi Salum, Ministry of Mines and Energy
Title: Revitalization of the Brazilian Mineral Industry

Chile: Mr. José Cabello, Geological Society of Chile
Title: Access to resources in the EU and Latin America: some National Mineral Policies Comparison

Spain: Mr. Gerardo Herrera, EuroGeoSurveys Earth observation and Geohazards
Title: Earth Observation in support of sustainable mining by the Geological Surveys of Europe

Europe: Mr. Rafal Szkop, European Technology Platform on Sustainable Mineral Resources (ETP SMR)
Title: ETP SMR and the VERAM project: roadmap towards sustainable policies and economic growth

Brazil: Mr. Ricardo Parahyba, National Mining Agency (ANM-DNPM)
Title: The new National Mining Agency in Brazil - ANM (Law 13575/2017)

Colombia: Mr. Santiago Angel, Colombian Mining Association 
Title: Good Mining Policies as a trigger for Colombia's economic growth

Chile: Mr. Edmundo Tulcanaza, CRIRSCO Committee for Mineral Reserves, International Reporting Standards
Title: Mineral Resources Reporting and Valuation in Latin America: The CRIRSCO Standards

Finland: Ms. Laura S. Lauri, MIREU H2020-project
Title: Mining and Metallurgy Regions of EU – MIREU

Argentina: Mr. Julio Rios Gomez  
Title: Activities of the SEGEMAR to add value to the geology of the Argentine territory

Denmark: Mr. Christian Jervelund, Copenhagen Economics 
Title: How mining companies can prosper through better regulatory strategies – bringing investments and growth to the table

Chile: Mr. Sebastian Huidobro, DS Abogados 
Title: The mining exploration in Latin America, Investment or Cost?

Uruguay: Mr. Santiago Guerrero Cherma / Mr. Mauricio Faraone Pimienta, MIEM-DINAMIGE
Title: Uruguay: A country to explore

Peru: Mr. Ricardo Labo, Ministry of Mines


Spain: Mr. Javier Carrillo de Albornoz Portes, SUEZ 
Title: Valorisation of the acid mine drainage (AMD) treatments

Belgium: Mr. Jan Bronders, VITO 
Title: Mining (water) management issues for abandoned or closed mines

Argentina: Mr. Daniel Ricardo Blasco, Salta State University 
Title: Aquifers Management Concern at Salars in North Andean of Argentina

Germany: Mr. David Navas / Mr. Gerry Southwood, Clariant Produkte (Deutschland) GmbH 
Title: Using mineral based technology to boost liquid-solid separation in mine process, surface water and tailings applications (presentation not available)

Finland: Mr. Antti Pasanen, Geological Survey of Finland, GTK 
Title: Groundwater transport in fractured bedrock – Case studies from Talvivaara and Yara mines, Finland

Spain: Dr. Jordi Guimera, Ampjos 21 
Title: Integrated mineral technologies for more sustainable raw material supply (ITERAMS)


Poland: Mr. Rafal Pawelczak, KGHM Polska Miedz, Mr. Marcin Gut, BIPROMET S A 
Title: We make green copper production possible

Chile: Mr. Ronald Monsalve, Chilean Copper Commission 
Title: Minning suppliers market in Chile (The public-private role)

Peru: Mr. Henry John Luna Córdova, Catastro Minero, INGEMMET
Title: Geological Information System and Mining Cadastre

International: Mr. Sergio Hernández Núñez, International Copper Study Group 
Title: Report on Copper Market Trends and Projections 2019


Sweden: Prof. Bernhard Dold, Luleå University of Technology 
Title: Mine Waste: Pollution Source or Georesource

Czech Republic: Dr. David Poc, Czech Republic Mining Association 
Title: Former and operating mining sites and their benefits for local communities: Examples from the Czech Republic

Italy: Mr. Carlo Cormio, Serengeo 
Title: Best practices, scientific tools and case studies for mining heritage planning, design and reclamation

Argentina: Ms. Luciana Villalba, Ministry of Energy and Mining 
Title: Towards a Sustainable Mining in Argentina: Initiatives for Closure of Mines and Mining Waste

Sweden: Mr. Anders Hallberg, SGU 
Title: ProSUM-Mining Waste – turning waste into resources

Poland: Prof. Natalia Iwaszczuk, Department of Energy Management, Faculty of Management at the AGH University of Science and Technology
Title: The atractiveness of mining investment versus mineral policy in Poland

Spain: Mr. Julio César Arranz Gonzalez, IGME 
Title: Orphan wastes management and rehabilitation. Recent work developed by the Geological Survey of Spain.


EU: Ms. Malwina Nowakowska, European Commission
Title: Conflict minerals

Mexico: Dr. Luis Vera-Morales, College of the Northern Border 
Title: Drawing a social acceptance path for mining activities in a complex biocultural setting. Takeaways from Mexican experiences

UK: Ms. Elisabeth Luther, Yordas Group 
Title: How to Use Stakeholder Engagement to Build a Sustainable Mining Project

EU: Dr. Aurela Shtiza, IMA Europe
Title: Contribution of industrial mineral companies in the implementation of the sustainability development goals (SDG) (presentation not available)

Peru: Mr. Roberto Martin Zamora Nevado,  Private University of Chiclayo 
Title: Corporate Social Responsibility and Mining in Peru


Europe: Mr. Zoltan Bartalis, European Space Agency 
Title: Towards best practices for using satellite Earth Observation in mining and extractives

UK: Dr. Emma Goosey, Env-Aqua Solutions
Title: Recovering PGMs from mining slags

Spain: Mr. Francisco Sánchez Ruiz, Cobre Las Cruces, S A 
Title: Technology Development to Exploit More Efficiently and Sustainably the Low Grade, Complex and Polymetallic Ores

Finland: Mr. Marcello Imana, Agnico-Eagle 
Title: Gaining new perspective in mineral exploration by using new and old technologies in new terrains. Examples from Perú, Finland and Sweden (presentation not available)

Portugal: Ms. Dina Carrilho, MS. Leonor Gomez, Era-Min 2, FCT – Foundation for Science and Technology 
Title: ERA-MIN RTDI projects to foster circular economy



EU: Mr. Manuel Gomez Herrero, European Commission 
Title: EU Policy and Research Innovation Initiatives on Raw Materials

Poland: Professor Jerzy Lis /Mr. Pawel Kucmierz, AGH University of Science and Technology 
Title: Presentation of business and science cooperation potential

EU: Mr. Nicolae Mitu, European Commission Copernicus 
Title: Copernicus for mining

Finland: Mr. Harry Sandstrom, GTK 
Title: Added value for mining process by production chain optimization

Spain: Ms. Pilar Martínez de la Calle, Hovering Solutions 
Title: UAV’s (unmanned aerial vehicles) use in underground mines

Slovakia: Professor Pavol Rybar, Technical University Kosice, Faculty BERG, Kosice, Slovakia 
Title: Hydrogen battery, as the innovative power source for raw materials exploration and extraction

Argentina: Mr. Nestor Altamira, Geological Survey of Argentina 
Title: The Mining Technology Institute of the Geological Survey of Argentina

Spain: Mr. Andrea Bartoli, Worldsensing S L 
Title: Operational Intelligence for Mines

Sweden: Mr. Morgan Rody, Epiroc 
Title: Electrification of Mining Equipment

Brazil: Mr. Fernando Lins, CETEM – Center for Mineral Technology 
Title: Research and Technological Services at CETEM

Finland: Dr. Fredrik Karell, Geological Survey of Finland 
Title: The GATEWAY Project – connecting Start-ups with Latin America and Africa


Colombia: Dr. Gloria Prieto Rincón, Colombian Geological Survey SGC 
Title: Mineral Resources in Colombia: key factor for land-planning

Argentina: Mr. Pedro Palmés, Mining Infrastructure National director, Ministry of Energy & Mining 
Title: Energy Infrastructure in Argentina Opportunities

France: Mr. Eberhard Falck, Mining Consultant 
Title: Land-Use Planning as an Instrument to Create Win-Win Situations for Host Communities and Mining Companies

Sweden: Dr. Ronald Arvidsson, SGU 
Title: MinLand - Mineral resources in sustainable land-use planning

Portugal: Mr. Luis Martins, Assimagra 
Title: Towards a multi-dimensional methodology supporting a safeguarding decision on the future access to mineral resources

Mexico: Dr. Luis Vera-Morales, College of the Northern Border 
Title: The difficult coexistence of natural protected areas and mining operations in Mexico

Norway: Mrs. Kari Aslaksen Aasly, Geological Surveys of Norway NGU 
Title: Public importance for mineral resources and tools for spatial planning – case study from Norway

UK: Ms. Masuma Farooki, MineHütte 
Title: Regulatory Risk and Land Access – How do EU and Latin American Countries Compare

Peru: Mr. Henry John Luna Córdova, Director de Catastro Minero, INGEMMET 
Title: Mining Concessions, Geology and Mining Cadastre in Peru


International: Mr. Alex Gryska, International Mine Rescue Body – IMRB 
Title: Effective Emergency Response – A Critical Component of Every Mine’s Safety Infrastructure

Germany: Mr. Roman Preissler, Berufsgenossenschaft Rohstoffe und chemische Industrie 
Title: The mine rescue system in Germany: emergence, development, education and up-to-date information

Greece: Mr. Petros Maraboutis, Eco-efficiency 
Title: A successful project of improving OSH management by training and coaching SMEs

Europe: Dr. Roger Doome, IMA-Europe 
Title: Heath & Safety is more than a priority, it is a duty


Spain: Mr. Antoni Pijoan, Tecnalia 
Title: MORAMA - a Spanish-Mexican cooperation

Brazil: Mr. Adriano Clary, Integrallis Marketing and Management 
Title: A reflexion about the requirements for successful employes and companies face the new challenges imposed by industry 4.0

Sweden: Mrs. Lena Alakangas, CAMM (Centre for Advanced Mining and Metallurgy in Sweden) Luleå Univeristy of Technology 
Title: CAMM – Centre for Advanced Mining and Metallurgy in Sweden

Europe: Mr. Constantin Ciupagea, European Commission, DG Joint Research Centre 
Title: The Commission‘s Raw Materials Information System: integrating knowledge and EU policies on raw materials

Spain: Ms. Diana Ponce de León Gil 
Title: Building an International network of raw materials training centres: INTERMIN Project

EU: Tony Hand, EIT RM 
Title: Atlantic crossings: Latin America and EIT Raw Materials collaborations along the raw materials value chain